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Chelsea is Just So Wrong on So Many Levels

by | Aug 17, 2018

By Carol Tobias, President

Chelsea Clinton

Last Saturday, in a “Rise up for Roe” rally in Manhattan, Chelsea Clinton told a small audience that giving women the “right” to kill their unborn children meant they could enter the work force and, hence, between 1973 and 2009, added more than $3 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy.

Did she really go there? Did the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton actually argue that an alleged benefit to the economy makes the death of 60 million unborn children worthwhile? Yes, she did.

Monetizing the destruction of unborn children evades the fundamental injustice of abortion. But Clinton just assumes the “morality” of abortion and turns to an imaginary economic benefit associated with its legalization.

This is wrong on so many levels. Women can have children AND hold a paying job. It’s done all the time. A real look at the economic impact of abortion would focus on how many diapers and shoes and backpacks have not been purchased. How many manufacturing jobs have been lost because those products are not being produced?

A real look at the economic effect would show how many teachers and doctors and karate instructors and babysitters are not needed because, for almost 50 years, kids who would use those services are not living among us. How about the massive decrease in “workers’ earning, spending, saving, investing wages; paying taxes; adding mobility, adaptability, productivity to the labor force; training for the latest technology and occupational needs,” to borrow from Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s director of Education & Research.

Would Clinton extend the same logic to slavery? Slave labor helped the South to prosper. The slave trade itself was a huge industry, not to mention the cheap cost of growing cotton and tobacco. Does the economic boon that Clinton relates to abortion access apply to the impact of turning Black Americans into slaves?

The abortion lobby is getting desperate. After 45+ years, abortion is still not recognized by the American public as a legitimate, acceptable surgical procedure. Abortion activists realize their hold on Roe is tenuous; afraid that another justice on the Supreme Court will recognize that abortion is nowhere to be found in the Constitution, and so become hysterical in its defense.

The day when unborn children are valued as human beings, accorded the right to life recognized in the Declaration of Independence, is coming. Future generations will look back in horror at the very idea that the effect of abortion could be monetized in any way.

And they will look with sorrow and disbelief on the point of view espoused by Chelsea Clinton and her cohorts.

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