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“Fake News” on abortion from WPRI 12

by | Aug 14, 2018

Providence, RI—WPRI 12 released a poll last week purporting to show strong support for an abortion bill held for further study during this past session in the General Assembly. But they failed to mention that the question posed in their survey has almost nothing to do with the actual bill.

The WPRI 12/Roger Williams University poll, conducted last month by Fleming & Associates, asked registered voters whether they would support or oppose a bill “which would give women in Rhode Island the right to have an abortion until the fetus is viable.”

But according to Rhode Island Right to Life executive director Barth E. Bracy, “Nothing in Rhode Island law presently prevents a woman from having an abortion until the fetus is viable, or in some cases even beyond, and abortion proponents concur that this would not automatically or necessarily change if Roe v Wade were overturned.”

“What the proposed legislation actually does, and quite clearly states,” explains Bracy, “is to prohibit the state, including its agencies and political subdivisions, from restricting abortion prior to fetal viability as determined by the abortionist; from interfering with a woman’s decision to have an abortion even after fetal viability, which would be made lawful for ‘health’ reasons neither defined nor limited; from restricting abortion methods such as partial-birth abortion and dismemberment abortion; and from restricting access to abortion, without defining or limiting what ‘restrict access’ might mean.”

Bracy continues, “WPRI’s description of the so-called Reproductive Health Care Act is so misleading as to make the question appear as if written for a push-poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood. The reality is that this bill goes well beyond Roe v Wade, and that the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the kind of brutally inhumane, late-term abortion procedures this extreme piece of abortion legislation seeks to license.”

Bracy concludes, “What may be most significant about this poll, however, is that even WPRI’s sanitized and fictional portrayal of this abortion bill failed to gain majority support from the Rhode Island voters surveyed.”

Editor’s note. This was provided by Rhode Island Right to Life.

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