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Members of the Irish Parliament “appear obsessed with abortion”

by | Aug 3, 2018

“Behaving like Global Cheerleaders for legalized Abortion”

Editor’s note. The Pro Life Campaign is a leading pro-life organization in the Republic of Ireland. “TDs” are members of the lower house of the Irish Parliament.

The Pro Life Campaign (PLC) has said some TDs appear to be “obsessed” with abortion of late and “are behaving like global cheerleaders for legalised abortion.”

The PLC was commenting on news that over sixty TDs and Senators have signed a letter calling on Argentina’s senate to legalise wide-ranging abortion. A fortnight ago, a similar number of TDs and Senators signed a letter pressuring British Prime Minister Theresa May over Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws.

On August 8th, the Argentinian senate will vote on whether a bill legalising abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy becomes law.

Commenting on the decision of over sixty members of the Oireachtas [Parliament] to try and influence the Argentinian vote, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Some TDs of late appear obsessed with abortion. It looks like they’re not doing much else but campaigning on the issue. More and more, they are behaving like global cheerleaders for abortion.”

She continued:

“In their letter to Argentinian senators, the Oireachtas members present themselves as experts on the issue given their involvement in campaigning for changes to abortion laws in Ireland. The truth is they presided over a process in this country that shut out the heart-breaking testimonies of women who regret their abortions. It was a process that also ignored Ireland’s record as a world leader in safety for pregnant women without recourse to abortion.

“All of the signatories to the letter declare abortion as a ‘human right’ but not one of them has ever stated where they believe human rights or the right to life begin. These same members of the Oireachtas are uncomfortable with abortion being described as ‘killing’. But that’s precisely what abortion involves. It ends the life of a new and unique human life with the same potential and value as every member of the Oireachtas or Argentinian senate.

“Before the referendum in Ireland, most TDs on the ‘Yes’ side campaigned as though they only favoured restrictive abortion. Now voters can see what these elected representatives really supported all along, namely an international right to unrestricted abortion where the rights of unborn babies are set at zero. We will ensure the electorate is fully reminded of this at the next election.”

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