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Mom wakes up from coma after baby boy is delivered

by | Aug 22, 2018

“The baby and the mother had become each other’s savior”

By Dave Andrusko

Betina and her son Elvin. Betina was in a coma virtually her entire pregnancy.

Doctors in Kottayam, India, were left speechless—and understandably so. Last January, a woman described only as Betina had arrived at Caritas Hospital “half dead” after a nasty fall left her with a severe brain injury.

“The rate of her heart beat plunged to just 23% and she couldn’t breathe in oxygen as her lungs were swollen,” reported A.S. Ullas of the Indian news site Manorama Online. She was left in a coma.

And if those weren’t enough complications, no sooner had doctors told the family they could not do anything more than her husband, Anoop, told Dr. Vivek of the emergency medical department that his wife was pregnant!

The medical team sprung into action but were unable to immediately stabilize Betina’s condition. According to Ullas, given the strong medicines Betina was on and the baby’s low heartbeat, they doubted her nine-week-old unborn baby boy would survive. An abortion was planned and Betina was moved to Kottayam Medical College.

“The doctors at the medical college, however, said the foetus would be aborted naturally, and a medical procedure could put the mother’s life at further risk,” Ullas reported.

“But God had some other plans for Betina and her unborn child.”

By the time of her scan at 11 weeks, Betina “had contracted severe infections many times,” Ullas reported. But miraculously, through all this, the baby had grown normally and his heartbeat had increased significantly.

A month and a half later Betina, still in a coma, was moved to a hospital room. “Now the doctors were not only hopefully about Betina’s life but also confident about the life in her womb.”

There were more complications, Ullas reported—at one point, the baby’s right hand was not found during a scanning—and again the issue of an abortion was raised.

But in a subsequent scan, “both the hands of the fetus were clearly visible and the doctors realized that this baby was meant to be born.” The head of the neonatology department told doctors to take care of the Betina and her baby “for three more weeks,” Ullas reported, “and assured that he would take care of the rest.”

Betina’s baby boy (later christened Elvin) was delivered at 37 week on June 14. And then an even more miraculous development.

“Hearing the soft little cries of her newborn child, there was a slight movement in Betina’s eyes. When the baby was laid beside her, Betina’s eyes were filled with tears and [she] tried to move her hands to touch her child. After two weeks of medical observation in the neonatal ward, baby Elvin was shifted to his mother’s room. The cries and laughs of the baby became Betina’s medicine.

“Doctors were surpassed to see that Betina’s condition was improving significantly and that the baby and the mother had become each other’s savior. Betina can now move her hand and places her fingers on her baby as if she is trying to hold him closer.”

Ullas concludes this lovely story on the day of Elvin’s baptism. Betina

“was made to sit in a wheel chair for the first time. When baby Elvin was placed on her lap, she smiled and touched him with all the love of a mother.”

Elvin means “beloved friend.”

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