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National Right to Life: Commemorating 50 Years of Defending Life

by | Aug 6, 2018

Editor’s note. 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the National Right to Life Committee. As part of NRLC’s annual Yearbook, which was distributed to attendees at the NRLC convention in Overland, Kansas, there were many tributes to the most effective single-issue pro-life organization in America. Over the next several weeks, we will be posting many of those tributes.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Archbishop Naumann is the chair-elect of the USCCB Pro-Life Committee.

“I want to commend the National Right to Life Committee for their hard work in kicking off the pro-life movement in America by setting up non-denominational, non-partisan pro-life grassroots groups in every state in the nation. Those seeds have produced much fruit and gave birth to great successes in Congress and state legislatures these 50 years.

“We still have miles to go before we sleep but a solid foundation was put into place and richly developed because of the National Right to Life Committee.”

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