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National Right to Life’s 50 Years of Defending Life: a Commemoration

by | Aug 27, 2018

Editor’s note. 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the National Right to Life Committee. As part of NRLC’s annual Yearbook, which was distributed to attendees at the NRLC convention in Overland, Kansas, there were many tributes to the most effective single-issue pro-life organization in America. Over the next several weeks, we will be posting many of those tributes in National Right to Life News Today and in National Right to Life News.

Mark Davis Pickup, North American advocate for Life and disability issues & Blogger,

“The National Right to Life Committee, and many of its state affiliates, have been a vital partner and ally in my work – spanning a quarter of a century – warning North America against the perils of euthanasia and assisted suicide. National Right to Life has been at the forefront of every Life issue confronting America. Their widespread dissemination of quality life-affirming information and education cannot be overstated. Their steadfast and resolute stand for the sanctity, dignity, and equality of all human life has been a major force for good in America.

“I believe that National Right to Life embodies the essence of self-evident truth for the inalienable Right to Life that America’s Founding Fathers cited in their towering Declaration. It has been one of my life’s great privileges to be allowed to work with the National Right to Life Committee, and their state and local affiliates, across the United States.

“God bless the National Right to Life Committee.

“God bless America.”

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