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Panel of Judges to decide fate of Ky Ultrasound Law

by | Aug 1, 2018

The Kentucky Ultrasound Statute, HB 2, passed both Houses in 2017, but was overturned last September after a challenge by the EMW, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU led to a “bench” trial.

Thankfully, Governor Matt Bevin appealed the decision, and last Wednesday the case was heard in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

A panel of three judges heard arguments from the ACLU on behalf of the EMW clinic, and from Chad Meredith, deputy general counsel for the Governor’s Office. One judge asked why Ky Attorney General Andy Beshear was not arguing the case for Kentucky.

Links to more information about this hearing are posted on the KRLA website, including to an audio file of the proceedings. The case will be decided in the next months. Let’s pray for HB 2 to be reinstated.

Judge Donald asked why there would be a need for this new information requirement since Kentucky has an “Informed Consent” law, passed in 1998. We know that historically, that law was not effective since the information brochures often did not reach the offices where the women seek abortions.

With today’s amazing ultrasound technology, a woman can see for herself her pre-born baby. HB 2 requires the abortion doctor to turn the ultrasound machine so that the patient can view it, and to describe the imaging. The patient is not required to look nor to hear the audible heartbeat, yet is offered that opportunity.

Attorney Meredith argued the case as a state’s right to regulate the practice of medicine, and the ACLU argued the case as a violation of free speech.

Many first-hand testimonials and statistics prove that when a woman sees an ultrasound, she is drawn to decide against aborting her baby.

Editor’s note. This update was provided by Kentucky Right to Life.

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