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Woman’s abortion broke her heart

by | Aug 31, 2018

By Sarah Terzo

Editor’s note. My family and I will be on our vacation through September 7. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the stories our readers have told us they especially liked.

Author Mary Kenny tells the following story:

“I have a friend who is extraordinarily tough… doesn’t give a damn, you know. She became pregnant – she is also very ambitious and has a very good job. There was no question whatsoever of continuing the pregnancy. It was an immediate abortion. And she went to this abortion clinic in Brighton.

She told me she took the train to Brighton, thinking, “Oh, jolly day down at Brighton, go to the beach, get a silly hat and a stick of rock, have an abortion”… she got down there and she went, and suddenly, it started to dawn on her that it wasn’t really very funny. Ridiculous, she thought, babies, who wants them? That’s for other silly women – not for me. And afterwards, she was completely shattered. Walk on the pier? – No. She took a taxi to the station, cried all the way back to London. It just tapped something inside her she hardly knew was there.

Actually, it broke her heart. She never suspected she would take it that way. She only told me about it recently. Otherwise, nobody would ever know.”

From Mary Kenny, Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) pp. 287 – 288.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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