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Yes, Sarah, there is a difference between abortion clinics and crisis pregnancy centers, just not the ones you imagine

by | Aug 28, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Under the category of, “no kidding?” I offer you the following from the Mississippi Clarion Ledger: “Abortion Clinics and Crisis Pregnancy Centers Differ.”

Ok, to be fair that is the headline the Associated Press gave to the story when it gave Sarah Fowler’s account much wider circulation. The original headline read “Abortion clinic vs. crisis pregnancy center: What’s the difference?”.

Either way, you can’t come away from Fowler’s account without thinking CPCs are horrible, intending only to make pregnant women feel horrible about themselves. Not only that they are duplicitous and deceptive.

As contrasted with “Abortion providers and clinics such as Planned Parenthood” which are, in Fowler’s glowing account, “staffed by doctors, nurses and other professionally trained staff. Jackson [Mississippi] Women’s Health Center and Planned Parenthood in Hattiesburg offer a range of health care options including pap smears, annual exams, cancer and STI screenings and access to contraception.”

Get it? All those CPCs are good for is attempting to save the lives of babies by helping women find a better solution as composed to those full-service Planned Parenthood clinics which provide “medically accurate information that is evidence-based.”

I mean if you are going to write a hatchet job, couldn’t you at least do a little research that might challenge your preconceived ideas?

Could you, for example, talk with women and girls who are eternally grateful they were give a real alternative to killing their babies?

And what does this mean? “Entering 2018 just a few thousand contacts shy of 3 million since answering its first call in 2003, Heartbeat International’s 24-7, 365 pregnancy helpline Option Line responded to well over 350,000 women facing an unexpected or difficult pregnancy in 2017,” according to Jennifer Minor.

No doubt Fowler’s response would be that it’s bad enough that there is just one abortion clinic in Mississippi while “There are more than 30 organizations that identify along the lines of a crisis pregnancy center.” Worse yet, nationwide there are probably four times as many CPCs (Pregnancy Help Centers) as there are abortion clinics. Of course to “journalists” such as Fowler, that would be just further evidence of CPCs cancer-like growth.

Or maybe just one story of how a woman’s future life was not ruined because she chose not to take the life of her baby. How about that? They are very, very easy to find.

Just the latest example (of countless examples) of how the Abortion Industry and its media allies fear and loathe any organization whose first objective is to find win-win solutions for moms and babies.