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1,500 pro-lifers focus on “the pain after abortion” at 9th March for Life in Switzerland

by | Sep 17, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

An image of The March For Life, in Bern, September 15 / Marsch Fürs Läbe website

Not a lot of attention gets paid to the pro-life movement in Switzerland, so kudos to the Evangelical Focus News for posting about the ninth March for Life held September 15 in front of the Swiss Parliament in Bern.

The gathering, which drew around 1,500 people, had as its focus “The pain after abortion.” (For a tiny nation, there are 10,000 abortions annually, according to the story.)

Two women talked about “post-abortion syndrome,” and the terrible impact the abortion had on their lives.

“The more I tried to suppress my feelings, the more my depression grew,” one of the women said, according to news agency Idea. She spoke of “God’s love and embrace” in her process of healing, and called women and men to seek help and forgiveness: “A new life of hope and perspective is possible.”

During the gathering a petition was launched to ask the Swiss Parliament to inform about the consequences of abortion,” using scientific research. The government should implement such information plans in schools, universities, and medical centres,” the petition read.

Unfortunately there were some 300 counter-protestors, described as “Leftist and anarchist groups” which “had called to boycott the March For Life and threatened participants of the pro-life gathering with violence.” Fortunately, Evangelical Focus News reported ”the group was always controlled by police officers and was not allowed to reach the area of the Parliament square.”

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