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2017 Ohio Abortion Report Reveals Increase in Abortions

by | Sep 28, 2018

Ohio Right to Life Decries the Tragedy of Abortion in Ohio, Calls for Action

COLUMBUS, Ohio–The Ohio Department of Health today released the 2017 Ohio Abortion Report, revealing an increase in the number of abortions since the 2016 report. A total of 20,893 abortions were reported.

Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life, said “This latest report is an absolute tragedy.

“Last year, 20,893 babies were killed, and yet the abortion industry praises this as a win for ‘choice’. The abortion industry continues to stall our pro-life legislation with frivolous litigation. Additionally, in Ohio currently, there are two abortion clinics that are recklessly operating outside of the bounds of our state laws. These clinics refuse to hold to basic health and safety standards, and as a result, women and their unborn children are victimized. These clinics must be closed!

“All of these things have led to an increase in the number of innocent, unborn children killed. We in the pro-life movement must fight harder than ever to defend the unborn, and stand against an ever encroaching culture of death. One of the ways we can do this is to pass Ohio Right to Life’s Dismemberment Abortion Ban, to protect living unborn children from being torn limb from limb in the womb. That is where we will start, and we won’t be done until the abortion report reads ‘Zero. Nothing to report.’”

To read the 2017 Ohio Abortion Report, click here.