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Coming to abort, Mississippi woman instead delivers baby girl

by | Sep 4, 2018

Both reportedly doing well

By Dave Andrusko

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KSWO News Anchor Howard Ballou put it perfectly:

“Women don’t go to abortion clinics to HAVE babies, but that’s what happened at Jackson Women’s Health Organization Wednesday.”

There are not many details about the abortion that took place at Mississippi’s only abortion clinic which is located in the state capital. For example we don’t know how old the baby girl was when the unidentified mother delivered her.

What we do know is that the woman went in for an “abortion consultation” yesterday. As she awaited the results of an ultrasound to see how far she was along, the doctor discovered she was in labor.

“He asked us to call 911, instructed us that the patient was fixing to deliver,” said Shannon Brewer, Director of the Jackson Women’s Health Clinic, told Liz Carroll of WJTV. But the baby was born before paramedics could arrive.

“I’ve been here 18 years and I’ve never seen that happen,” Brewer said.

The good news is that after a clinic doctor delivered the baby and they were transported to a local hospital, both mother and baby are in good health, according to Brewer.

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