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Did you know that information from a pro-life fair booth saves unborn babies’ lives?

by | Sep 25, 2018

By Holly Gatling, Executive Director, South Carolina Citizens for Life

Debbie Baer, President of Aiken County Citizens for Life, had a wonderful report from the Aiken County Fair this year.

A woman approached the pro-life booth Debbie was staffing and told Debbie that her daughter-in-law recently found she was unexpectedly pregnant and planned to have an abortion.

When the young pregnant woman casually mentioned the abortion to her mother-in-law, the mother-in-law went home and got a 12-week fetal model she had saved from last year’s Fair.

After the “grandmother” showed the beautiful fetal model to her daughter-in-law, the abortion was cancelled! Praise God!

This is a powerful example of the impact a pro-life booth can have at a state or county fair.

Next month, from October 10-21, South Carolina Citizens for Life will celebrate its 45th consecutive year of participation at the South Carolina State Fair. Many people meet the humanity of the unborn child for the first time at the pro-life booth at the State Fair. They are forever changed.

The State Fair is the largest annual educational activity of South Carolina Citizens for Life where we distribute crucial information about the intrinsic value of human life beginning with fertilization and ending in death that is not hastened by euthanasia.

Little kids are fascinated when we show them, “You used to be smaller than a penny” – about the size of an unborn baby six weeks after his or her life begins at fertilization.

Over the years, we have given out tens of thousands of 12-week fetal models showing the fully formed body of unborn babies at that age.

We show children, teens, and adults in an attractive and winsome way, “When you were this little, your heart was beating. Your brain was working. You had all your organs. You had fingernails and toenails!”

Our pro-life presence at the State Fair is the longest, most comprehensive, and intensive educational program the SCCL office sponsors every year. We have made an impact. Abortions in South Carolina have declined by more than 63 percent!

“SCCL’s State Fair project is a huge undertaking, but worth every bit of effort to reach so many people with the message of life,” says Sally Zaleski, the SCCL executive officer manager and president of Orangeburg County Citizens for Life. A pro-life enthusiast, Sally says, “I got involved with SCCL after meeting them at the State Fair!” Now Orangeburg County Citizens for Life staffs a pro-life booth at their county Fair.

Our volunteers look forward to bringing the compassionate pro-life message to their communities and actually saving precious lives.

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