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Help Virginia Society for Human Life stop Assisted Suicide proponents’ attempts to change Virginia’s law!

by | Sep 24, 2018

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, VSHL

The Joint Committee on Health Care (JCHC) met on Sept 18th and heard the report prepared by its staff regarding the possibility of expanding assisted suicide access in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The current law prohibits so called assisted suicide and protects doctors and vulnerable patients.

The report was the conclusion of a two-year working group on the matter of so-called Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) in which VSHL members participated in. Options were proposed to the JCHC members for action to recommend to the General Assembly in 2019.

The period of public comment has begun and closes on October 15th.

This report is nothing more than a very thinly veiled attempt by pro-suicide groups like Compassion in Choices to force the rejection of Virginia’s effective law preventing doctor proscribed death here in the Commonwealth. Assisted suicide by any name is a dangerous attack on vulnerable patients and legitimate medical care for the suffering.

It is essential that you make your voice heard to help VSHL oppose this dangerous idea. Please take a moment and use the link below to send your message. Please use the following pre-written message you only need to add your name and address to or write something similar yourself:

Dear Members of the JCHC,

Regarding the MAID study, please vote yes on Option #1 to “take no action”.

Please vote no on Option #2 to introduce new legislation legalizing assisted suicide, MAID.

Also, please oppose any other options that might introduce dangerous expansion of assisted suicide under other measures proposed or by default.

Thank you

Your name and address

It is extremely important that we make our voices heard during this period of public comment. The vote will take place in November and your comments will be counted!

Thank you!

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