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How the sound of children made an ordinary day extraordinary

by | Sep 18, 2018

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

There I was sitting in my office on an ordinary Monday morning, when I heard the sound of vivacious voices bubbling down from the top of the ramp. In short order, not one, not two, but five children from the same family came running down the carpet. Behind them was their heroic mother, her new baby cradled in her arms.

I instantly recalled the clan who had visited the state headquarters for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation a few months ago. Back then, Baby Julia was resting comfortably in her mother’s womb.

I asked the children if they wanted to “see the babies again.” The babies are soft-touch fetal models, showing preborn children at various stages of development.

The answer was affirmative, so we all headed to the back of the office.

While the mother nursed Baby Julia, I handed each of the children a fetal model. One of the older boys exclaimed, “Let’s stop abortion,” dispatching his fetal model to engage in a campaign to end the scourge of the 20th and 21st centuries.

At one point, the children pretended an empty box was a police car and they placed the baby models inside, imagining that life-affirming law enforcement could rid their city of abortion.

With their imaginative play, what these children did was to breathe life into our office on a trying Monday afternoon. And they reminded me, yet again, of why our pro-life work is so important. We are making the world safe for these precious little ones, who rejoice with the addition of each brother and sister to their brood.

They loved their little sister Julia as much in the womb as outside it. What a powerful lesson for those who deem abortion permissible up to the moment of birth.

Before they arrived, it had been just an ordinary work day. But the energetic interaction with these children made possible by their visit made the day extraordinary through and through.

What a phenomenal gift we are missing, in the absence of the more than 60 million children nationwide who have been lost to abortion since 1973.

But I have the feeling that the children who visited with us are part of the generation which will see the madness end, and will see to it that every human life is protected under the law.

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