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Member of Parliament Stella Creasy continues attack on pro-life Northern Ireland

by | Sep 17, 2018

Allow abortion pills to taken at home by women who flew over to England?

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Stella Creasy MP was criticised for her attack on Arlene Foster at a woman’s political caucus in Dublin.

After the blow to pro-abortion MP Stella Creasy–that the government of Northern Ireland won’t introduce buffer zones to outlaw pro-life witnesses at abortion clinics — she has immediately turned her fire on the government on another of her abortion campaign causes.

The Government recently announced that women in England would be allowed to take the second abortion pill at home, without medical supervision. Now Ms. Creasy seems to be advocating that women who come from Northern Ireland for abortion in England also be permitted to take the pills home. This, despite the obvious medical risks of completing the abortion so far away from the clinic where it started, and the undermining of Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws involved in bringing abortion pills into the province.

Any excuse to push the abortion agenda

Speaking in the Commons, Creasy said

“In Scotland there is a residency test for the abortion pill, which if it is copied in England would deny women coming from Northern Ireland this choice of procedure. Will [the minister, Victoria Atkins] pledge to work with the Department of Health to prevent this happening, or will she now listen to the Supreme Court which said this is a human rights abuse in the first place?”

Minister for Women and Equalities Victoria Atkins responded that the Department of Health only has the power approve English homes as place women can legally take the pill. Given that the decision to approve the home was also the responsibility of the governments in Scotland and Wales, Ms. Creasy was clearly using the question to further her agenda of imposing abortion on Northern Ireland.

“Let’s get on and give our Northern Irish sisters the right to access healthcare and abortion at home, just as our sisters around the rest of the UK have,” she concluded.

No respect for pro-life women of Northern Ireland

Ms. Creasy has been energetic in her crusade for abortion and attacking those who hinder her aspirations. She faced criticism following her comments about DUP [Democratic Unionist Party] Leader Arlene Foster and abortion []

Speaking at the International Congress of Parliamentary Women’s Caucuses in Dublin Castle, Ms. Creasy criticised the UK Government’s “refusal” “to step in to allow women in Northern Ireland to have modern abortion laws.”

“Right now there is only one woman who gets to make a choice about abortion rights for all women in Northern Ireland and she’s called Arlene Foster.”

Paula Bradley, a DUP representative for Belfast North since 2011, said Ms. Creasy’s criticisms were not in the spirit of the day.

Stella Creasy has been vocal in calling for the UK to introduce abortion legislation to Northern Ireland. However, the Northern Ireland Assembly has fairly recently addressed the issue. [It] rejected bills to legalise abortion for cases of so-called “fatal foetal abnormality” and rape or incest in 2016.

It is ironic that Ms. Creasy shouts about women’s rights and demands abortion yet fails to respect the democratic order in Northern Ireland and the woman who happens to be at its helm.

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