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Pennsylvania’s two marquee statewide races are classic pro-life versus pro-abortion contests

by | Sep 20, 2018

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pro-abortion Gov. Tom Wolf and pro-life state Sen. Scott Wagner

While it is not garnering the attention that the all-important 2016 Presidential election consumed, Election 2018 remains a critical contest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The two marquee statewide races pit strong pro-life champions against politicos with brazenly pro-abortion records.

Pro-life former state Senator Scott Wagner, a Republican, is working hard to upset pro-abortion Governor Tom Wolf. Wagner has earned the endorsement of both the National Right to Life PAC and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC.

Wagner has a solid 100 percent pro-life voting record in the General Assembly. He supported the proposed ban on gruesome dismemberment abortions, backs the current Down Syndrome Protection Act, and fought to ensure that abortion centers follow basic health and safety standards.

Wagner supports a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion organizations, such as the abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood. He backs a ban on tragic late-term abortions—a ban also supported by the vast majority of Americans. Overall, he supports legislation protecting preborn children and their mothers from the traumatic harm of abortion.

In sharp contrast, Wolf—a former clinic escort for Planned Parenthood—has never met an abortion restriction he supported. Wolf, a Democrat, opposes a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion organizations, such as those run by his Planned Parenthood friends. He opposes a ban on grisly dismemberment abortions—in fact, he opposes all bans on late-term abortions.

Moreover Wolf’s staff has said he would veto the Down Syndrome Protection Act, despite his claims of looking out for the best interests of people with disabilities. (The Down Syndrome Protection Act would ban abortions for the sole reason of a Down syndrome diagnosis.).

Pro-life Congressman Lou Barletta and Pro-abortion Senator Bob Casey

Meanwhile, a pro-life stalwart, Congressman Lou Barletta (R), is trying to unseat pro-abortion Democratic Senator Bob Casey. Many voters remark how Casey has turned his back on the pro-life convictions of his father, the late Governor Robert Casey, Sr., with his perpetual pro-abortion votes.

Bob Casey has a dismal 16% pro-life voting record in the 115th Congress, according to NRLC. Casey has consistently voted against defunding Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion operation. And he was a “no” vote on the confirmation of highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

While Congressman Barletta has fought to repeal the anti-life provisions of the Obamacare Health Plan, Casey has routinely defended the dangerous legislation.

With Election 2018, Pennsylvania voters have the chance to build upon the tremendous pro-life gains of 2016. With a groundswell of pro-life voters, the Keystone State can become the cornerstone for rebuilding a culture of life in the U.S.

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