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Planned Parenthood’s Discrimination Against Babies with Down Syndrome

by | Sep 10, 2018

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

A new book puts into sharp focus abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s discrimination against babies with Down syndrome.

In Mad Politics, Dr. Gina Loudon tells the story of her search for a child with Down syndrome to adopt. For years, she called Planned Parenthood centers, asking if they knew of any mothers whose preborn babies had been diagnosed with Down syndrome who were thinking of placing their children for adoption. She did not receive a single lead.

Dr. Loudon talks of the day she decided to take her search beyond the borders of Missouri, calling Planned Parenthood facilities in other states. She writes, “It was a lady in Kansas who finally drove the truth home to me after I gave her my name and number and asked if I could send her the little booklet of photos of our family that I had put together for a prospective mother.”

The Planned Parenthood worker responded, “We are not in the business of adoptions. I suggest if you want an adoption, you call an adoption clinic. We are paid to do abortions.”

So much for the concept of “choice”—which never offers any choice for the defenseless baby.

Dr. Loudon continued her quest, asking an adoption agency official why the center had no children with Down syndrome available for placement. The woman stated, “They’re all aborted today. Genetic testing has made it so that the only people having babies with Down syndrome are those who decided to keep (the baby) even after they know.”

Undaunted, Dr. Loudon and her husband were finally united with a baby with Down syndrome–a boy named Samuel. As Dr. Loudon says, “Samuel doesn’t focus on those who don’t love him. He is fixed on the love he sees, and he finds joy in things I could never appreciate before. He taught me to love the unlovable, and I think we in politics have a lot to learn from my Samuel.”

Currently, a bill is pending in the Pennsylvania Senate which would ban abortion for the sole reason of a Down syndrome diagnosis. House Bill 2050, which earlier passed the PA House of Representatives by an overwhelming, veto-proof, bipartisan majority, provides a legislative answer to the problem of discrimination against children with Down syndrome.

For the sake of the Samuels of the world, this legislation needs to be enacted into law.

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