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Pro-abortion AG candidate runs ad featuring ultrasound of her unborn baby

by | Sep 11, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Just when you think you really have seen everything, a pregnant pro-abortionist running for attorney general in New York puts out a campaign video/ultrasound of her baby touting how “being a parent and being in power shouldn’t be in conflict.” Of course it shouldn’t, but her message goes far beyond affirming what pro-lifers have said from the get-go.

This is New York Democratic party politics we’re talking about—the party is growing more radical by the month–so you’re not surprised that (a) law professor Zephyr Teachout is bragging about how she was the firstest with the mostest— she “sued president Trump the day he was inaugurated”—and (b) is endorsed by the pro-abortion far left wing The Nation magazine and pro-abortion Sen. Bernie Sanders. In addition, two years ago, when she ran unsuccessfully for the House, Teachout was supported by NARAL.

She is down the line pro-abortion–supports public funding for abortion services, opposed parental notification, for example—and said that the state’s failure to pass a measure that would have obliterated any and all limitations on abortion “is a betrayal of both New York State and New York women.”

So why is the New York Times-endorsed Teachout running a 30-second ad centering around her unborn child whose heart we can clearly hear beating? Good question. Writing for the pro-abortion Jezebel, Ashley Reese’s two-fold answer is first, “Teachout, who is currently pregnant with her first child, has been making an effort to normalize pregnancy on the campaign trail” (good); and, second, “This may be the first use of an ultrasound in a political ad that isn’t about stripping people of their basic reproductive rights.”

Translated out of abortionspeak, Reese means Teachout does not espouse a general rule that unborn babies ought to be protected, only that this particular baby will cross the finish line in October because Teachout choose to allow him or her to live.

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