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Pro-Life video lampoons abortion activists’ absurd argument

by | Sep 11, 2018

By Texas Right to Life

The Canadian Pro-Life group Choice42 is back with another hilarious satirical video. Earlier this year, Choice42 released “The Magical Birth Canal” video that went viral.

Their latest foray into comedic video, “No Uterus No Say!” pokes fun at the argument of many abortion supporters that men have no right to voice an opinion about abortion simply because they cannot get pregnant.

The aggressive, pink-haired abortion activists in the satirical video begin by saying, “Jonathan is a man. Jonathan has no say about what happens to tiny humans before they’re born, because Jonathan does not have a uterus.”

Illustrating how absurd this position is, she states, “Just like with any human rights violation, if you’re not directly involved then you can’t have an opinion.” Pro-Lifers oppose abortion not because they want to oppress women, an argument that the anti-Life side continues to disingenuously claim, but because abortion ends the life of a human being, the preborn baby. Abortion, the violent killing of an innocent human being is a clear violation of the baby’s Right to Life.

Illustrating further the absurdity of the “no uterus, no say” argument, the abortion activists in the video makes a comparison to other violations of human rights. She says, “Take slavery for an example. Are you a slave Jonathan?” Jonathan meekly shakes his head. “Are you a slave owner?” Again, a shake of the head. “Do you think slavery is wrong?” When Jonathan moves to voice his opposition to slavery, the abortion activists quickly shushes him and tells the audience, “He can’t have an opinion!”

So, who in the estimation of abortion activists can have an opinion? The woman with pink hair explains in a chipper voice that people with uteruses and preborn babies are allowed to have opinions about abortion. She adds, “This works out well because tiny humans in the womb can’t voice their opinions.” In other words, women and women alone in the anti-Life view decide if preborn babies live or die.

For a last statement of comedic flair, as the camera fades out, the abortion activist observes, “And besides, men don’t have anything to do with reproduction.” Tragically, many fathers have discovered that they are powerless to protect their preborn children if the mother of their child chooses an elective abortion. This is no laughing matter.

The comedic presentation of this common abortion trope, “no uterus, no say,” highlights an issue many radical abortion supporters are having during the protests surrounding the nomination hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

After decades of demanding that men remain silent on abortion, radical abortion activists are writing outraged op-eds with titles like, “Where Are All of the Pro-Choice Men?” Firstly, men might not be as anti-Life as the abortion supporter assumes, and, secondly, men have been consistently told that they are not allowed to speak about abortion.

The Pro-Life movement must not let abortion activists control the cultural narrative. Of course, men are involved in pregnancy, and of course abortion is an issue of human rights—truths that abortion activists will acknowledged when pushed, as in this revealing opinion piece.

However, the people whose human rights are threatened more than anyone in abortion decisions are the preborn children whose lives will end violently. Categorizing human beings, excluding some and prizing the human rights of some above others, perpetuate injustice.

If abortion activists are serious about their desire to ensure justice, they should start by recognizing the rights of all human beings.

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