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Doulas Meet the Culture of Death

by | Oct 31, 2018

Same vocabulary, different dictionary.

By John Stonestreet & Leah Hickman

A “doula” is a woman who assists women during childbirth. But, now that the whole idea of women’s “healthcare” has been redefined, so has “doula.”

Recently, the BBC spotlighted a doula  who has assisted in 2,000 abortions. Not child births. The article celebrated how she comforts mothers saying, “In many ways the support [the abortion doula] provides is the same” as a birth doula.

By what definition could welcoming life into the world be called the same as assisting in eradicating life? Even worse, the BBC notes that doulas are expensive, only affordable by “white affluent women,” so now it’s a justice issue for poor women to have access to an abortion doula.

Words matter. The culture of death advances by perverting language. It’s not “compassionate” to assist a mother while the life of her child is extinguished, even if you hold her hand. A “doula” welcomes life, not destroys it. And “healthcare” doesn’t mean making a baby’s health impossible.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Breakpoint  and is reposted with permission.