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Fighting pro-abortion lies about Amendment 1

by | Oct 23, 2018

By West Virginians for Life

Much is being made about Amendment 1, which will be on the West Virginia ballot on November 6. It’s only on the ballot because of a herculean nonpartisan effort of 98 of 134 legislators (between the Senate and House) voting eight months ago for this privilege to be granted to the voters of the Mountain state.

What exactly is it? Although the situation is different, the wording, fashioned after Tennessee’s Amendment 1, reads thus: “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.”

When Amendment 1 passes, the state constitution will not be FOR or AGAINST abortion. It will be neutral as it was in the days before Panepinto. In that 1993 decision three of the five West Virginia Justices decided that women on Medicaid in the state should be granted an abortion for any or no reason throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy at the taxpayers’ expense.

Passage of Amendment 1 will take state taxpayers out of the business of paying for abortion on demand.

The opposition is spreading lies, of course. The Big Lie is that Amendment 1 will make abortion illegal in West Virginia and that poor women in a dire health situation, who opt for an abortion, will die.

In fact taxpayers will still pay for abortions due to threats to the life of the mother, medical emergency, reported rape or incest, and fetal anomaly. What Amendment will ensure, however, is that in cases of elective abortion (for birth control or convenience), women will have to find another way to pay.

The pro-abortion crowd operated in deception from the beginning. The night before the House was ready to cast their final votes, a bogus email was sent to all the delegates. It purportedly was from West Virginians for Life President Wanda Franz, telling them not to vote for what was then SJR 12.

This phony email was sent after House member had already been informed by West Virginians for Life (WVFL) to vote for it. The truth prevailed, but this punishable crime has yet to be solved.

The opposition continues to steal the Yes on 1 yard signs from private yards and to have false newspaper editorials printed throughout the state.

“Why shouldn’t West Virginia join the other 33 states that no longer fund elective abortions with tax money?” said WVFL Program Director Mary Anne Buchanan. “What this will come down to is who gets their people to the polls.

“Only 51% of the vote is needed for this to pass. It’s historic. Never before and perhaps never again, will West Virginia voters get this opportunity. Don’t throw that opportunity away. Vote Yes FOR Amendment 1.”

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