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‘Life in first place’: Multiple cities in Portugal to host a March for Life

by | Oct 24, 2018

By Antonio Pinheiro Torres

Editor’s note. This comes from the Portuguese Pro-Life Federation.

Dear friends from all over the world,

Next Saturday, 27 October, the eighth Portuguese March for Life will take place in Lisbon, along with the second march at Porto and Aveiro and the first at Braga and Viseu.

This year, the marches will be held with the slogan “Life in first place!,” keeping in mind that in 2019, we will have the European elections (in May) and the general elections for the parliament (in October).

Our message is focused on a warning and an appeal to all parties and politicians on life issues, plus launching an inquiry (on the electoral programs and main candidates) whose results will be spread all over Portugal before these elections take place.

Usually, some thousands attend these marches, and you may follow their preparation and marketing through our Facebook page. The cardinal of Lisbon has made an appeal for people to attend these marches. We are also raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign.

We will insist on all life issues, specially the euthanasia debate, which we know is going to come back after the general elections. (Our petition to the parliament against euthanasia is still to be discussed.)

Finally, on the political and electoral debate, we are promoting an article from the marches’ general coordinator, José Maria Seabra Duque, titled, “The voice and the vote of prolife in Portugal.”

We would like very much to welcome you in Portugal (if you are brave enough to attend a march you’ve learned about just days prior). If you cannot attend, a simple and brief message (you may send it to me) will be very much appreciated.

Very truly yours,

Antonio Pinheiro Torres
Portuguese Prolife Federation Vice-president

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