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Newborn baby miraculously survives being thrown from 5th floor balcony

by | Oct 2, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Of all the amazing survival stories of abandoned newborns, this must rank near the top.

The Daily Mail of London reported today that a baby boy survived being thrown off a fifth floor balcony. How could that be even possible? He landed on banana leaves in an orchard behind the flats in a city in central Thailand which broke his fall.

This all happened Monday morning, according to reporter Julian Robinson. Residents of Samut Prakan heard crying and

clambered over a 7ft high fence and discovered the little boy, who was only a few hours old with his placenta and umbilical cord still attached, in a patch of land used as a banana orchard behind the flats.

He was surrounded by thick broken leaves, which cushioned his fall from the room high above. …

Incredibly, the baby had survived virtually unscathed having suffered only minor scratches and bites from mosquitoes.

Hang Konhaan, 55, told the Daily Mail, “I first heard the cries at 10.30am but didn’t pay much attention to them. Then I spoke to another neighbour and we went to check. We found the little baby on the floor and he was crying. There were some broken leaves next to him, which saved his life.”

Authorities arrived shortly thereafter.

“Underneath the banana tree area was a baby and their placenta,” Lieutenant Colonel Amnat Charoen, from the Samrong Nua district police station, told Robinson. “There were many mosquitos and ants on his body. He had a rash and some redness. There were signs that that baby had fallen from a height.”

Police have investigated and we are sure that the baby came from a teenager who had the secret birth in a room on floor number five.

“The baby is being cared for in hospital, but he is safe and recovering well. He is healthy.

“We are investigating all the accounts from neighbours and searching for the mother who will be prosecuted for the incident.”

According to Robinson, officers were looking for the teenager who was staying in the apartment building and who had “earlier been seen walking around while heavily pregnant.”

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