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Teenager takes abortion pills, delivers baby in 7th month

by | Oct 1, 2018

Abandoned baby discovered but dies in hospital

By Dave Andrusko

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Last Friday a teenager in the city of Bhopal in central India swallowed abortion pills, delivered a baby at seven months in a washroom, and then abandoned the child who subsequently died in the hospital.

According to Shuchit Jha of the Times of India

On Friday morning, locals of Kevliwali Gali of Sikandari Saraye locality found a premature baby girl abandoned in a resident’s verandah. They then informed police who arrived later. While they started looking for the mother, police admitted the baby to Sultania Hospital. They called Childline who took the baby into their custody.

As police investigated the case, they found a minor girl to be the mother of the baby. During counselling with Childline, she confessed to having abandoned the baby in order to keep her pregnancy hidden from her family.

Childline director Archana Sahaye told reporter Jha that the girl “was reportedly in relationship with a tea-seller at Itawa railway station.”

“It was much later in the pregnancy that the girl realized that she was expecting. When she told the father of the child about it he asked her to get an abortion. The man told her that he could not marry her as she was a minor, and fearing consequences the girl took abortion pills in the seventh month of pregnancy,” Sahaye said.

The young girl subsequently owned up to abandoning her baby. “The baby was taken to the Sultania Hospital and was later referred to Kamla Nehru hospital where she was kept in intensive care,” Archana Sahaye said. “Being weak, the baby could not survive and died at 8pm on Friday.”

A post-mortem along with a DNA test were conducted last Saturday to establish that the baby girl belonged to the teenager, according to Jha.

The police have not been able to trace the father of the child so far. “We are still searching for the man. He will be booked in a rape case under Section 376 of IPC and POCSO Act as the girl is a minor,” said ASI Rajput [the investigating officer].

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