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Woman-to-woman, we can enlighten minds and soften hearts, and save countless lives

by | Oct 29, 2018

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

I had the distinct privilege of attending a Women’s Conference in central Pennsylvania recently. What struck me was how incredibly enthusiastic the women were when they visited our educational display table. The display included soft-touch fetal models showing a preborn baby’s development.

When the conference attendees came up to the table, they were mesmerized by the fetal models. A number of the women were pregnant, and they compared the fetal models to their own unborn babies.

This experience shows that the abortion industry and its allies are so wrong when they claim they speak for “women.” So many women do not  support the pro-abortion agenda.

They recognize the humanity of the preborn child. They have heard their children’s hearts beating in their wombs. They have seen the ultrasound videos of their preborn babies smiling, kicking, even somersaulting.

It is natural for a mother to want to protect her child from harm. Abortion severs the sacred bond between mother and child, leaving a woman to grieve what may be the only child she’ll ever have.

I distributed many, many educational fliers at the Women’s Conference. The response was sheer gratitude. But what brought tears to the eyes of a number of attendees was when I handed them a 12-week-old preborn fetal model to take home. It was an emotional experience because so many women saw the model as a representation of the children they had carried in their own wombs.

I will never tire of educating women on the life issues. It is such an emotionally rewarding venture. Woman-to-woman, we can enlighten minds and soften hearts, and save countless lives in the process. And that’s an achievement worth celebrating!