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Counting My Blessings

by | Nov 21, 2018

By Carol Tobias, President

It’s that wonderful time of year that we look forward to celebrating several special occasions—Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and New Year’s. It’s a time when many of us start to reflect on the past months, taking stock of accomplishments and challenges, trying to figure out what we might want to do in addition, or in a different way, in the coming year.

Tomorrow, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, many will attend a church service to express thanks to God for His many blessings, take part in providing a meal for the homeless, and/or watch football. Most of us will eat too much as we enjoy food and fellowship with loved ones.

In 1789, Congress passed a resolution requesting President George Washington to “recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God.”

In keeping with the proclamation then set forth by Washington, I want to acknowledge, with a grateful heart, the many signal favors (blessings) in my life as president of this wonderful National Right to Life federation.

I am thankful for the NRLC staff. The staff is incredibly talented and unimaginably dedicated. They have put heart and soul into the work of saving babies and those who are medically dependent. You will find no harder-working, more dependable staff elsewhere.

I am thankful for NRLC’s marvelous state affiliates, for the pro-life leadership they provide. Typically staffed largely by volunteers they organize educational, legislative, and political activities with the end goal of protecting as many babies as possible as soon as possible within their state .

I am grateful for every one of our thousands of chapters around the country. These local chapters are the heart and soul of NRLC. They provide a voice to the voiceless within their communities and offer a cheerful face to those looking for answers.

I am grateful for the pregnancy resource centers who work with women facing a difficult time. Often in crisis, these women (and girls) need care and an occasional loving embrace to get through an uncertain, unsettling period in their lives.

I am grateful for those church and community leaders who stand up for life, providing encouragement and inspiration to pro-lifers in their daily efforts.

I am grateful for our pro-life elected officials—President Donald Trump, members of Congress, governors, and legislators. It is through their efforts, working with the right-to-life movement, that we will one day see unborn children welcomed in life and protected in law.

In President Trump’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, he stated, “In the spirit of generosity and compassion, let us joyfully reach out in word and deed, and share our time and resources throughout our communities. Let us also find ways to give to the less fortunate whether it be in the form of sharing a hearty meal, extending a helping hand, or providing words of encouragement.”

Quite frankly, that is what pro-lifers do every day. We share time and resources to save innocent persons whom we may never meet. They give to the less fortunate by extending a helping hand and providing words of encouragement.

As we finish out this year and look to the next, we can also be thankful that we have a loving, heavenly Father leading and guiding us, and we ask for His wisdom in all we do.

May God bless you and your loved ones, and may you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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