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“If your child should ask…,” Part Two

by | Nov 5, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Tomorrow is a genuinely historic midterm election. We’ve been writing about November 6, 2018, for months, including a number of posts today.

Two years ago, the day before Donald Trump was surprisingly (to the media elite disappointingly) elected our 45th President, I posted a story titled, “If your child should ask” . I am going to adapt and update what I wrote because this off-presidential year election has assumed enormous proportions.

How can you tell? Not just by the gazillions of dollars pro-abortion Democratic candidates have spent, or had spent on behalf of the candidacies. Nor just by the beyond-number of predictions by “experts” that Democrats, at a minimum, will take back the House.

Rather the hysteria level that reached its epiphany in a recent New York Times editorial that made predictions of a coming apocalypse seem tame by comparison. The thought of not carrying at least the House sent them off the rails.

Back to revisiting what I wrote November 7, 2016, and brought up to date complete with my “incurable optimism.” ….

Through all of the ups and downs of this long, long, long campaign season, pro-lifers like the staff at National Right to Life are sustained by the sure knowledge that come what may, we have each other’s back. For that my family and I cannot thank you enough.

I am an incurable optimist. Why? Not believe I believe we are on the “right side of history,” or something equally cliché-ish. Rather this confident assurance is because the cause to which you and I have dedicated our lives is right, imbued with nobility, and representative of the very best qualities of the American character. How many people can say they are a part of something that wonderful?

Whatever the November 6 results prove to be –and I firmly believe they will be good – we will remain soldiers in the greatest Movement for social justice of our time.

Let’s do a near-final check list. What would you say …

If your child should ask, are you ready to vote? Have you educated yourself and your family about who the pro-life candidates are? Did you encourage your family and friends to vote for those pro-life candidates, whether for the Senate or the House of Representatives? Did you mention a great resource–

If your child should ask, could you explain that you’ve been gone more nights than usual because you were helping to educate your community about the local, state, and federal candidates for office?

If your child should ask, won’t you be blessed to be able to say that you did everything in your power to help the babies and their mothers? That you can know that you lived out St. Augustine’s admonition: “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you

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