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International Pro-life Conference Concludes with Special Thank You from Israel

by | Nov 19, 2018

By Katie Franklin

The contingent of pro-life travelers from Heartbeat International: Jor-El Godsey, president; his wife Karen; Bethany Jasper, U.S. affilaition specialist; Betty McDowell, senior director of ministry services; Terri Fox, grant specialist; and her husband Scott.
Photo Courtesy: Heartbeat International

Traveling through an ancient, jagged valley in Jerusalem, the small contingency of pro-life visitors said a prayer to God for human life.

The Christian group, hailing from Heartbeat International—a worldwide network of pregnancy help organizations stationed in the U.S.—was in the Valley of Hinnom, otherwise known as Gehenna, a horrific biblical place where innocent children were once sacrificed to the dark pagan god Molech.

Undoubtedly, the moment of prayer had a special meaning for the pro-life group, who works with pregnancy help ministries around the world, offering women and men life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

In Israel for L’Chaim 2018—an international pro-life conference—team members from Heartbeat International were there to do just that.

Visiting the Knesset, Israel’s parliament | Photo Courtesy: Heartbeat International

With 12 countries represented, L’Chaim connected pro-life organizations from across the globe, and gave attendees the opportunity to tour historic and sacred landmarks.

Although the Valley of Hinnom was certainly one of the more chilling tour stops for Heartbeat International, the group also witnessed dozens of holy places, stopping for prayer at the Western Wall and standing in awe of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized.

Then, there was the Sea of Galilee, where the group paused to savor the area’s rich history.

There, Jesus calmed the storm, walked on water, and fed thousands by multiplying two fishes and five loaves of bread. It’s also where Jesus called Peter and Andrew to be “fishers of men.”

At the Western Wall | Photo Courtesy: Heartbeat International

The powerful backdrop appeared to be the perfect place to send a special “thank you” during Pregnancy Help Appreciation Week (November 12 -16), a week dedicated to honoring the life-saving work of the pregnancy help community.

“We are fishing for those who are in need of what Jesus has, of what the Lord gives us,” said Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey in a video message to pregnancy help organizations. “He wants to bring help and hope to those that are hurting and you do that every single day. In a very real way, the Sea of Galilee is exactly where you operate, where you speak Christ and you are Christ.

“We’re grateful for what you do for how you bless so many, that you’ll never know this side of heaven—or this side of the Sea of Galilee. It’s amazing to be here, it’s a place that connects us to the power of Scripture, and it’s exactly what connects us to you and what you do for the gift of life and the Giver of life. God bless you.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.

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