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Missouri Right to Life applauds Governor Mike Parson’s selection of Eric Schmitt to be Missouri’s next Attorney General

by | Nov 13, 2018

Editor’s note. Pro-life Missouri AG Josh Hawley defeated pro-abortion incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in the 2018 midterm elections held last week.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt

In the last two years, the Attorney General’s office has been key in protecting the right to life of all innocent human beings and defending Missouri’s pro-life laws.

Missourians elected former Attorney General Josh Hawley for his pro-life values. We are thankful that Governor Parson has appointed another strong pro-life Attorney General who respects and believes that life is precious from inception to natural death.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt, in his acceptance speech, spoke about his early years of life and why he became a lawyer. He spoke of the values with which he was raised and now wants to use as our chief law enforcement officer. He spoke about protecting our way of life for his family and for generations to come.

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