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PPFA’s tone-deaf crusade to co-opt and corrupt everything that is good

by | Nov 13, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Okay, granted, we shouldn’t really be surprised by anything Planned Parenthood does in its relentless, tone-deaf crusade to co-opt and therefore corrupt everything that is good.

Remember their (ugh!) “Choice on Earth” theme of a number of years back. It was enough to give blasphemy a bad name. As NRLC Education & Research director Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon wrote

The “Choice on Earth” theme is an intentional corruption of the phrase from Luke’s gospel, in which an angel announces to the shepherds that Christ been born in Bethlehem and the heavenly hosts breaks into praise verse 14 of chapter 2, saying:

Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, good will towards men. (KJV)

Instead of “peace on earth,” Planned Parenthood offers “choice on earth,” and by that, they mean not the ultimate triumph over death, but death for innocent children here and now. That sort of Christmas card sentiment seems more suited to King Herod…

So while we almost expect something like PPFA’s “The Chosen,” it’s still revolting. (And, while it might seem otherwise, I am not making up the following.)

In 2015 the Agenda Project, the same outfit that in 2011 produced a video depicting pro-life Congressman Paul Ryan pushing an elderly woman off a cliff, created, “The Chosen.” However it was essentially unknown until ChoiceForTwo founder and director Laura Klassen discovered it.

When you first see the smiling, giggling baby up close, and then see “She deserves to be loved” flashed across the screen, you instantly think of all those great Huggies ads celebrating babies and parenthood. Or at least I did.

But remember, Brahms’s ‘Lullaby’ playing the background notwithstanding, this is Planned Parenthood we’re talking about. You know the ones who each and every year slaughter 320,000+ babies before they can be heard giggling.

“She deserves to be a choice,” reads the next message. The inevitable hashtag #StandWithPP follows.

The video’s YouTube description reads, “Women deserve a choice. Babies deserve to be chosen.”

Micaiah Bilger captured the message perfectly:

The ad basically presents the baby girl as an accessory, a beautiful thing to be had rather than a life to be loved and sacrificed for.

The message is simple. That adorable baby girl’s life is not about her or her well-being. It’s about her parent’s feelings. And if her parents feel that they do not want her at that moment in their lives, they can have her aborted in a violent, gruesome way, such as dismemberment abortion – the most common second-trimester abortion procedure.

Calvin Freiburger, who does wonderful work, took the time to go to the Agenda Project Action Fund’s website. Lo and behold at the top of the page is the hit job on Rep. Ryan.

“The Chosen,” however, is absent, probably for the same reason it went unnoticed until now: because even the average pro-abortion professional could see that “Look at this cute kid who should’ve been legally killable” was a bit of a mixed message. Frankly, it’s a wonder the video’s still online at all.

Mr. Freiburger continues

It’s beyond twisted to justify the option of killing children because every child should be wanted. That’s not love; it’s a form of narcissism that defines a person’s value solely by the pleasure others derive from him or her.

It’s also a poisonous lie, because as Klassen says, the little sweetheart in the video is “not a ‘choice,’ she’s a child.”

But the best response—the most fitting response—came from Melanie McDonagh. Writing at the American Spectator, she observes

Heaven knows where the Planned Parenthood Federation got the adorable tot starring on their advertising campaign right now, but the hardest heart would melt at the sight of this saucer eyed infant, under a blanket, gurgling, while Brahms’s ‘Lullaby’ plays on a music box in the background. Aw, you think… until you see the captions. ‘She deserves to be loved’, goes the script, as the baby laughs. ‘She deserves to be wanted’, it continues as she puts out her hand to the viewer. ‘She deserves to be a choice’, it says, as the music box tinkles, and the viewer heads to the bathroom to throw up.

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