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2018 Election Overview and a look ahead to 2020

by | Dec 11, 2018

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life political director

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Pro-life Representative-elect Dan Crenshaw (TX 2) with Jennifer Popik, National Right to Life legislative director

Heading into the 2018 elections we knew that historically in mid-term elections, the president’s party loses seats and that one or both houses of Congress almost always flip to the opposing party.

The best news coming out of November 6 is that the U.S. Senate is still controlled by pro-life Republicans. Republican experienced a net gain of two new pro-life members.

Four new NRLC-endorsed senators – Rick Scott in Florida, Kevin Cramer in North Dakota, Josh Hawley in Missouri, and Mike Braun in Indiana—prevailed against pro-abortion incumbents. Only one pro-life incumbent lost. There are now 53 Republican senators.

The bad news is that pro-lifers no longer control the U.S. House of Representatives. Democrats now hold 235 seats to 199 for Republicans. To regain control in 2020, Republicans would need a net gain of about 19 seats, which is certainly more than possible.


Republicans had more going against them than the losses that the President’s party historically suffers in the first mid-term election of a new President. Millions upon millions of dollars were spent by pro-abortion groups to defeat our pro-life candidates.

EMILY’s List, the extreme pro-abortion PAC that only works for Democrat women who support abortion for any reason, claimed they would raise more than $90 million for their “pro-choice” candidates in the 2018 election cycle.

In addition Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, announced its political action committee would spend $30 million targeting pro-life candidates, and NARAL Pro-Choice America pledged to spend $5 million.

Add to that the utter vitriol the biased, pro-abortion media spewed out at pro-life candidates. Against all that, Republicans are stronger in the Senate.

Competitive races

National Right to Life and its political entities, National Right to Life Political Action Committee and National Right to Life Victory Fund, were actively focused on 120 of the most competitive federal races overall: thirteen U.S. Senate races, and 107 races for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Despite the huge financial disparity, National Right to Life’s political entities won 73 of the closely contested federal races, or 61%. (North Carolina’s 9th congressional district race is still undecided.)

Overall, National Right to Life endorsed 278 candidates nationwide and 79% won. Not surprisingly, when you look at the 2018 map of U.S. House races, you’ll see that most of the Democrat strongholds are on the west coast, in major cities, and in New England.

Elections always have consequences

One of the greatest responsibilities we pro-lifers have is to ensure we have a pro-life Senate that will confirm pro-life nominees and block judges who would entrench and expand Roe. Fortunately the gain in the U.S. Senate means there will be additional support for President Trump’s judicial nominees. It means we have a stopgap for pro-abortion efforts by the U.S. House.

For this, pro-lifers can be deeply thankful.

The loss of the U.S. House to pro-abortion leadership means we pro-lifers will be on defense on a number of pro-life fronts. Pro-abortion Democrats are desperate to eliminate the pro-life Hyde Amendment, which restricts taxpayer funding of abortion. The Democrats want to change the law so that your tax dollars pay for elective abortions essentially on demand.

Pro-abortion Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D) is likely to be elected Speaker of the House in January. She is a militant’s militant on abortion.

The 2018 elections gave us a glimpse of what is in store for the 2020 elections.

EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL Pro-choice America’s candidates had a huge financial advantage this election, but fortunately, the babies and their pro-life candidates have YOU.

Take a breath, enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. That way you will be refreshed when 2019 arrives. We must prepare for 2020 like we’ve never prepared before to elect a pro-life president, keep the U.S. Senate, and re-take the U.S. House from Nancy Pelosi’s pro-abortion grip.

And that will be good for all of us – born and unborn.

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