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Adorable Babysizer website a delight to expectant parents

by | Dec 19, 2018

Editor’s note. This comes from our British friends at the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children–SPUC.

An adorable website can help expectant parents track the size of their unborn babies by comparing them to real (or not so real) objects.

Babysizer lets the user input how many weeks gestation their baby is at, and choose from several different categories of objects to compare them to. As the creator explains:

“Babysizer was created in the spring of 2015 during my wife’s first trimester. On the first day of each pregnancy week, we would check the size of our baby in multiple pregnancy apps and sites to compare our baby to a fruit.”

But this didn’t cut it.

“With a ruler in one hand, and a bit of time in the other, I compiled a list of iconic food items that would better reflect the average size of a baby each pregnancy week. The list was meant to entertain myself during the pregnancy, but it quickly became apparent that Babysizer was helpful to other expectant parents.”

One category parents can choose is still food, for instance at 6 weeks…

Perhaps the most fun is the geeky category, whether you’re a Harry Potter fan…

…or a Lego movie enthusiast.

Or if the dad is struggling to visualise his baby’s growth, the manly category provides endless fun.

Think all this is silly, and just want to know how big your baby is in normal terms? Not to worry, the facts category has you covered.

Babysizer uses crown to rump measurements, which the creator says makes it easier to imagine the baby curled up inside the womb. As he also says, this shouldn’t be used in place of medical advice, but it’s a great way to relate to your growing baby!

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