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Father begs for his preborn child’s life, she aborts anyway

by | Dec 3, 2018

By Sarah Terzo

Postabortion woman Stacy Sistrunk writes about what happened when she decided to have an abortion:

“Once [the father of the baby] arrived and we sat down to talk, he began to cry. He was begging me to keep our child. He promised to help me, even if I did not want to be with him. He offered to take the child himself and raise it if I did not want to. I was totally deaf to his plea. For a brief moment, I remember feeling for him as he was obviously in pain over this. How ironic that this young man although, not very much to the world and with little to offer anyone, was begging for his child… I told him I would consider all he had said and he left in no better state than in which he came. I did not speak to him again before the procedure.”

Many years later, she came to regret her abortion and wrote the father a letter:

“I had to ask my child’s father to forgive me for aborting our child. It was maybe the most difficult letter I had ever written to another person. At the time the Internet was not readily accessible to me so it was to be an old-fashioned pen to paper plea for forgiveness.

I wrote my letter. I do not remember the exact contents but I know I was sincere and I remember sobbing as I wrote. It was a bit challenging to find an address for him and so I contacted his sister, who still worked in the same place and she said I could send it to her. She agreed to deliver it to him. I still have no idea if he ever received it. I never heard from him. Years later my oldest daughter Codi dated his first cousin. It was …. sad to hear that his life had been a mess full of time in jail, drugs, etc. I started to feel somewhat responsible, but God reminded me that I had given it all to him. I silently prayed for him one night and I let it go.”

Stacy Sistrunk, Killing Sarah Grace: The Aftermath of Abortion (Revelazion Publishing Company, 2018)p. 43, pps. 90 – 91

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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