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Singer documents wife’s two pregnancies in time-lapse video

by | Dec 19, 2018

As cute as it gets

By Dave Andrusko

I first watched “From Bump to Buzz” a while back and I’ve made it a habit to periodically view the time-lapse video again and again. It’s a delightful 3 minute, 9 second video released online by Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of the British band McFly that documented, virtually every day, the pregnancy of his wife, Giovanna that culminated in the birth of their son, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher.

There was a sequel. More about that in a moment.

“From Bump to Buzz” didn’t shock their fans, we learn, because Tom and Giovanna announced they were expecting by singing a duet while carving pumpkins!

The song that Tom sings to the time-lapse video—“Something New”—truly is adorable.

Among the lines…

“I predict a summer isn’t very long/then before you know it we’re singing Christmas songs/then we get another April, May and June/I think I’m ready for something new” …

”There will come a morning you will open up your eyes, but it’s what you do until that day arrives.

”You want to touch a mountain, taste the waterfall, you only have to see one, than you’ve seen them all.

”Gonna bet that tomorrow, that the sky is blue. I guess I’m ready, I think I’m ready, I hope I’m ready, for something new.”

Near the very end, when Giovanna is very pregnant, she waves goodbye while Tom strums his guitar and sings. A moment later she comes back with Buzz Michelangelo.

In a tender moment if there ever was one, they kiss their baby…and smile at the camera.

You won’t be surprised when I tell you the video has already been viewed over 14 million times.

Lo and behold, I just ran across “Bump to Buddy,” which first ran in 2016. Once again they took photos nearly every day of Giovanna’s pregnancy and turned it into a time-lapse video.

Only this time, we hear Tom singing about the development of Buddy Bob Fletcher while daddy and Buzz are perched in a man-sized crib making goofy, loving gestures to one another and to Mom.

Fletcher posted the video on YouTube for Mother’s Day in Britain in 2016. “Well, we did it for Buzz so how could we not do it for Buddy?” he wrote.

And clearly Giovanna and Tom love being parents. A signature sentiment, “It only takes nine months to make a human, nine short months to make a new one… There’s nothing more that I’d rather do than wait a year or two and make another human with you.”

P.S. The Fletchers had their third son last August.

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