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Underappreciated Historical Gem Also Pro-Life Resource

by | Dec 5, 2018

By C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement, Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL)

Massachusetts is a wealth of historical depth and opportunities. From Bunker Hill, to Lexington, from Walden Pond to the Old State House, we’re steeped in a tradition that began with recognizing and fighting for individual human rights. Perhaps we who live in the Commonwealth too easily forget what our state offers in terms of memory.

Perhaps we forget that memory is often what roots our feet in present action and supports our current fight for the same rights.

One highly underappreciated gem in our state is the birthplace of Susan B. Anthony. A well-known feminist, and campaigner for equal rights, Susan B. Anthony is less well known for her just as fierce opposition to the creeping practice of abortion.

…in the 1800’s hundreds. She spoke emphatically out against its being tied to feminism. Her magazine, The Revolution, frequently attacked the lie that women’s rights could be rooted in disenfranchising and killing their children.

But is that a story you read in grade school? We imagine not.

For this reason, the Birthplace Museum is gold. Unwhitewashed, thoroughly honest, packed with personal affects and political and social campaigning paraphernalia, this historical site should be a field trip for every MCFL Advocate.

These are our roots. Susan B. Anthony’s story is our story, and our inspiration for our continuing battle against the deception that pits a mother against her child, the false equality that is enshrined in the abortion paradigm.

If you haven’t visited North Adams, pick up and take a drive out. It’s worth a regular trip.

The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum, located in beautiful North Adams, MA, is a not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to preserving the birthplace and raising public awareness of the wide-ranging legacy of the great social reformer, Susan B. Anthony, who was a pioneering feminist and suffragist as well as a noteworthy abolitionist, and opponent of Restellism (term for abortion in 1800’s) in the 19th century. She was also a woman of Massachusetts. Naturally then, as part of its mission, the Museum highlights the familial and regional influences which shaped Ms. Anthony’s early life, by displaying the textiles and furnishings of that period, as well as the literature and other memorabilia associated with her later career.

Whether you’re a teaching, and need a class expedition, single and bringing friends, a parent with a crew looking for adventure and a beautiful afternoon, The Birthplace Museum is a wonderful outing.

Better still, it is a foundational resource for our current quest to maintain equal rights in our nation — for women, for mothers, for children: born, and preborn.

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