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Abortion worker tells how they broke waiting period laws

by | Jan 29, 2019

By Sarah Terzo

One former abortion worker said in a webcast:

“Often times what would happen was patients would come in and say, “Oh, yeah, I did speak with someone. I don’t have my paperwork and we wouldn’t have their paperwork, but my regional director would say something to the effect of, “Well, can you show me in your cell phone where you had a phone call from a private number? Or show me in your cell phone where you have a phone call from an unlisted number or a 1-800 number, and we’ll just say that that was the phone call, and we just forgot to put it in the system.

So often times, we really didn’t have 72-hour informed consent, but we would still go ahead and see the patient.

There were even other times where the patient was truly adamant that she really wanted to have her abortion, if she came from far away, traveled a far distance and had a hotel room, there were many instances where we knew – we were not directly told to do this, but what we were told was, the number of abortion patients that we say that day is the number of 72 hour consents you should have at the end of the business day.

So basically, without saying it we were being told to forge, that we saw 35 patients, but we only had 30 consents, you need to make up those other five so you would have the correct number at the end of the day.”

Sarah Terzo, “Former abortion worker: We ‘often’ skirted the law on waiting periods” Live Action News November 27, 2018

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