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Cuomo and Clinton ratchet up pro-abortion rhetoric in New York

by | Jan 8, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

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On the ever-green reminder that elections do have consequences….

What a picture it was Monday when pro-abortion presidential aspirants New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton got together in Albany, NY, to simultaneously bemoan the dangers posed to Roe v. Wade by recent appointments to the Supreme Court and state legislation and vow that the state will quickly “codify abortion rights” in New York.

The so-called Reproductive Health Act has been introduced before but ran into a brick wall in the state Senate which until last November’s elections, was controlled by Republicans. No longer.

“In the New York State Senate, which had really been the roadblock for that bill, now there are at least 39 ‘yes’ votes for that bill, and it has always passed in the Assembly, and it’s been championed by Andrew Cuomo,” Kathleen Gallagher, director of pro-life activities for the New York State Catholic Conference, told the Catholic Courier. “It’s the first thing on his agenda, because so many of the new Democrats campaigned on this issue,” Gallagher added.

Indeed, Cuomo promised to quickly introduce the bill and, to up the ante, vowed he wouldn’t sign the state budget without it. Cuomo, who has burnishing his pro-abortion credentials, went one step further. He called on the legislature to begin the process of passing a constitutional amendment to enshrine an unlimited “right” to abortion in the State Constitution.

Even the New York Times acknowledged how much of the Cuomo/Clinton press conference was theatrics. “Mr. Cuomo’s vow was not exactly new,” wrote Vivian Wang. “But the pageantry of the occasion seemed to reflect the circumstances that had prompted it: a Legislature newly controlled by Democrats raring to broaden reproductive rights…”

As always, the proposal is packaged as a necessary update to “fill in some gaps” and serve as a bulwark if Roe is overturned.

But as Gallagher told the Catholic Courier, “That’s simply just not true.”

“One of the stark differences is that Roe v Wade never gave permission for nondoctors to perform abortions, and this bill specifically will allow nondoctors to perform abortions. It also repeals protections that are currently in our law for babies that are accidentally born alive during an abortion.”

The Reproductive Health Act also would allow abortions for virtually any reason in the third trimester of pregnancy, Gallagher said.

Suzanne Stack, life-issues coordinator for the Diocese of Rochester, told the newspaper that “It also would remove abortion from the state’s penal code, which means there would no longer be a criminal avenue to pursue if a baby dies in the womb through an act of domestic violence or another crime.”

“I doubt that almost any of us in New York state would be comfortable with these provisions, but we have not been offered the facts by most of the media or by many of our legislators,” Stack said

Lori Kehoe, of New York State Right to Life, said, “It is ridiculous that in 2019 we have to fight those who would legalize the dismemberment of unborn children for any reason throughout the third trimester.”

Kehoe challenged those senators who vote in favor of the Reproductive Health Act to explain “why they think dismemberment abortion in the ninth month for any reason is needed in New York State, or anywhere that deems itself a civilized society.”

Mrs. Clinton spoke only briefly, according to press accounts, but added her own warnings. “The struggle for women’s equality is not simply something to be read about in the pages of your history books,” adding, “It continues to be the fight of our lifetime.”

We can agree with Mrs. Clinton in this sense. There is a “fight of our lifetime” and it is to win equality for unborn children.

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