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Elections Have Consequences: Beware – New York’s abortion law may be coming to your state

by | Jan 31, 2019

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

After events of the past couple of weeks, if you ever thought there are no consequences to elections, I’m sure you don’t any longer!

For over a decade, New York State Right to Life fought against the “Reproductive Health Act,” educating the public and the electorate of its immense dangers. In 2008, I joined them to lobby against it. The title of my speech that day? “Elections Have Consequences.”

The bulwark against the passage of the RHA was always the state Senate, controlled by Republicans. Sadly, following the 2018 elections, pro-abortion Democrats took control.

Now New York’s unborn children are more vulnerable than ever. To rounds of applause from his fellow pro-abortionists, New York Governor Cuomo signed the RHA into law.

What does it do?

  • While they claimed RHA would merely “codify” Roe, it goes far beyond Roe, establishing abortion as a fundamental right, and preventing “the enforcement of laws or regulations…that burden abortion access.” That includes laws the U.S. Supreme Court has already upheld as constitutional.
  • The RHA “would mandate abortion-on-demand with no restrictions, up until birth, and even after birth, if a child is born during the course of an abortion (i.e., infanticide) by erasing born-alive protections already in New York law,” explained Christina Fadden, chair of New York State Right to Life.
  • Any licensed health care practitioner is now allowed to provide abortions – even nurses and mid-wives.
  • Laws requiring a second physician to attend a late abortion (to provide care for a baby born alive) have been repealed. They don’t even have to provide comfort care for the surviving infant.
  • It removed the criminal act of abortion from New York’s Penal Law. Why is this so important? It means criminal acts toward a pregnant woman resulting in the death of her unborn child – even if she wanted this child — will no longer allow prosecution under penal code.

New York’s “Reproductive Health Act” is not healthy for the pregnant mother, and most certainly not healthy for her unborn child.

Sadly, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia’s legislatures are already actively working to pass similar laws allowing for unrestricted abortion throughout pregnancy.

For example, on January 28, 2019, Virginia pro-abortion state Delegate Kathy Tran (D), sponsor of similar abortion legislation, admitted that her bill would allow abortion even as the mother is giving birth to her child. Fortunately, pro-life delegates stood strong and defeated the legislation – for now.

“The hearing … brought to light the diabolical plans behind pro-abortion delegates’ efforts to overturn all of Virginia’s protective laws,” reported Olivia Gans Turner, president of Virginia Society for Human Life. ”

She added, “If pro-abortion candidates do take control of the [Virginia] General Assembly next year, there will be no way to stop their deadly agenda. New York will not be the only place that enshrines abortion in the State Constitution.”

Virginia’s state elections take place in 2019.

Don’t be caught unawares. Elections have consequences. It truly is a matter of life and death.

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