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“It is an exciting time to be involved in the RTL movement”

by | Jan 18, 2019

An interview with Jacki Ragan

By Dave Andrusko

Jacki Ragan

As many NRL News readers know from personal experience, Jacki Ragan is not only the director of NRLC’s State Organizational Development Department but also directs the annual NRLC convention. It is always a delight to check in with her to see what National Right to Life has planned for the upcoming year.

Q: It’s now year 46 since the Supreme Court gave us Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. You’ve been in this fight for many years. What are the top two lessons you’ve learned in combating the Culture of Death?

First and foremost, you never give up. Not optional. Second, never judge, never back down, and always be kind — smiling doesn’t hurt either. You have no idea what is going on in another person’s life so start out with kindness and a calm even voice. Reach out and be inviting when you do.

Q: What are the three things any grassroots pro-lifer can and should do in 2019?

1.) If you haven’t already, join a local chapter. This is a must and will give you back far more than you will put in. You don’t have to devote your entire life or even every minute of your spare time, but join a chapter. If there isn’t one, start one. We are happy to help.

2.) Decide, and remain faithful, that you will : contribute to a pro-life group each month (doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but can certainly equal 3 or 4 cups of coffee); do one public thing a week that stands out as pro-life (drop off diapers at your local Pregnancy Help Center, ask your Church if you could provide pro-life Church Bulletin Inserts for them on a particular Sunday, post something pro-life on social media, etc.).

3.) Volunteer for 5 hours each month. If you joined that Chapter, you may already be there, but if not, contact your state right to life organization and just ask, if you had a spare set of hands today or tomorrow for a few hours, what would you need done. You can do this and I promise you will feel so much better once you have done it!

Q: What resources does NRLC’s State Organizational Development Department have that pro-lifers can utilize and how/where do they find these assets?

Well, we have educational materials, fact sheets, church inserts, stop abortion signs, petitions, and we have us. We can help you with whatever you need, social media help, help in starting a chapter, help with an event, help with fund-raising, we have seen a lot and we have learned a lot, and we are ready and willing to pass that knowledge along to you. Contact us at

Q: You’ve seen several pro-abortion presidents and several pro-life presidents, beginning with President Reagan. What difference does make that we have an aggressively pro-life President Trump in the White House?

President Trump is doing an amazing job for the unborn and pro-life movement. And he isn’t afraid of any political ramifications. It is sort of like you get what you see, nothing covered, nothing fake, just doing what he can to further the cause.

Obviously it is easier to work under a pro-life administration but it helps when you have the House and Senate. I am most thankful for the pro-life Senate we have. Not having the House in pro-life hands is a setback, but don’t forget a net gain of 18 seats in November 2020 means the return of pro-life leadership in the House.

Q: Finally, in 2019 are there challenges which, if not unique, are very special?

Always. We have a hostile press (nothing new) and an ugly, hostile majority in the House. Both of those things make it more difficult and will be very time consuming.

In addition, we also have to raise the necessary funds and get the grassroots ready, able and fired up to make sure we do not lose the presidency in 2020, that we are able to retake the House and that we keep the Senate pro-life. We will be defending 22 seats in the senate to the Democrats’12 seats It will be a tough road but I think we can make it happen. If we pull together as a team, we can do anything.

We can do anything…if we will just work as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on God.

Q: Any last words of encouragement?

It is an exciting time to be involved in the RTL movement and to be a part of saving lives, educating people and, quite literally, making a difference. With new tools at our finger tips, the technology we have, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be accomplished.

That being said, it isn’t going to happen overnight and I understand that we have been working and waiting for almost 50 years. But we need to be patient just a little longer and while being patient, work like we have never worked before.

We’ve got this. Together, as a unified team, we’ve got this.

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