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Post-abortive woman talks about being on “assembly line”

by | Jan 3, 2019

By Sarah Terzo

Jill Marquis, who had an abortion, said:

“They don’t tell you that you have the option of anesthesia. It was extremely painful and no one prepares you for that. There was nothing kind or compassionate about it. It was an assembly line procedure. And it was extremely painful physically and in an emotional and spiritual sense. I didn’t feel like anyone cared that I had tears streaming down my face. It was in and out. And I have really come to recognize that this is big business.…

Nobody told me that it might come back to you when you have the ultrasound of the children you want to have. There I was looking at this ultrasound of the baby growing inside me and [I was] screaming in my mind that that was a baby you aborted. A baby that you killed. I stuffed it down for a very long time and tried to silence that voice. Looking back on that decision it was the most selfish thing I ever did in my life because it was all about me wanting to live life on my terms.”

Nancy Flanders,“Post-Abortive Mom: Abortion Will Bring About a Devastation You Never Knew Could Exist.” Live Action.

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