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The sickening logic of the “Shout Your Abortion” Movement

by | Jan 2, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

There is some debate over who founded or originated the “Shout your Abortion” propaganda movement but Amelia Bonow has as much claim to that title as anyone. Elsewhere today, we reposted a terrific story by Jonathon Van Maren which illustrates the lengths (or depths) to which the campaign has descended.

It is

titled “Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion” and has Bonow explaining to children why aborting children is not only okay, but could actually be “all part of God’s plan.”

And bullying little kids into agreeing with a professional pro-abortion activist is no doubt “part of God’s plan” as well.

Another effusion of this warped enterprise is, of course, the coffee table size book that recently came out featuring the abortion stories of 43 women. As you would expect, in an effort to not merely “destigmatize” abortion but place it on a pedestal, some accounts are nauseous.

For example, courtesy of, we are the beneficiaries of an interview conducted with “student and reproductive rights activist Alana Edmonson,” who has aborted two babies.

Here are just two samples. The Radke is interview Bill Radke

Radke: Alana, you’ve mentioned in conversation with other people about their abortions, sometimes you’ve noticed some internalized socialization coloring your own reaction. You described a reaction you have sometimes when you hear someone’s had multiple abortions. What was that about?

Edmonson: The way that we’re taught to think about abortion, sometimes it’ll be okay if you’ve had one. That’s fine. But when you hear it’s like two, three, or four… I would say that we’re socialized to think, ‘Oh, you’ve had more than one. Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time?’ It’s like, ‘Oh, you didn’t wear enough clothing. You know you’ve got that cold because you didn’t dress appropriately, and that’s on you now, buddy.’ You know, it’s not. It’s not how it works. Getting pregnant isn’t a lesson, it’s just what our bodies naturally do sometimes, despite all odds.”

What do you say to someone who reasons like that? Ask her how many times she didn’t wear a coat?

Later she ups the ante”

Radke: You say, Amelia that there’s nothing brash about this but this started with your Facebook post, and then after that you posted: “I JUST TOLD EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK ABOUT MY ABORTION. SORRY! LOL.”

Sounds brash.

Bonow: You know, it’s kind of funny to make your parents uncomfortable on social media. I’m not trying feign innocence and say I didn’t know that people would have a reaction to this.

No — I knew that I was telling every extended family member, my former teachers, my old male bosses — I knew that I was telling all of those people that I’d had an abortion that I felt great about that.

That was not something that they’d probably ever heard someone say before. I think that there is something radical about celebrating exactly who you are and where you’ve been to get there in a world that promises to punish you for doing that.

So if there, if it feels like there is a celebratory vibe there, it’s because I’m proud of myself for being who I am, and for being loud about it even though the opposition has tried to terrorize us into silence and has done so really effectively for forever. Why would I not be proud of that?

So what is she most “proud” of? Making her parents “uncomfortable”? “Celebrating exactly who you are,” meaning celebrating the deaths of two babies who, thanks to her, aren’t?

Where does the “celebratory vibe” originate? Being “loud” and “proud” that you obliterated two defenseless children, one of whom one of your own sisters volunteered to raise?

I couldn’t help thinking of the quote from the infamous late-term abortionist Warren Hern who once said, “The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like electric current.”

Only in this case, it would read, “The sensations of empowerment flow through the forceps like electric current.”

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