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URGENT ACTION ALERT from New York State Right to Life

by | Jan 18, 2019

Pro-life New Yorkers,

It is time to stand and be counted, each and every one, to protect the unborn, their mothers, and society from a horrible bill intended to erase any and all protection for Life. Please forward this Alert to your pro-life lists, friends, churches and family.

The pro-abortion industry wants a vote on RHA [Reproductive Health Act] and two other abortion-related bills next Tuesday, January 22. We can stop this if we act. If you can come to the Capitol Jan 22, please contact our office at 518-434-1293 or for more information.

Oppose the “Reproductive Health Act” S.240 (Krueger)/A.21 (Glick)

Gov. Cuomo, the Assembly, and new Democrat-led state Senate have vowed to pass RHA on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

RHA is not about “codifying Roe,” but about expanding abortion past 24 weeks, when a child is already clearly viable and capable of pain and suffering. Every state has the right to protect viable children under Roe and should. New York’s 24- weeks’ law should remain on the books as is and not be repealed.

RHA would establish abortion as a “fundamental right” opening the door to restrict efforts by pro-lifers, mandate that everyone take part in the culture of death, and prohibit any limits on abortion. Roe v. Wade did not make abortion a fundamental right.

RHA would allow any health care practitioner to perform an abortion as long as they act in “good faith” (rather than an objective medical standard of care), opening the door broadly for abuse. This is an absurd change to New York law, if one cares about women and children.

RHA would repeal protections against illegal abortion, such as criminal acts of violence against a pregnant mother and her child, or self-proclaimed providers operating at will.

RHA would repeal protection in NY law for a born-alive infant, authorizing infanticide. Current requirement in New York law for a second physician on hand to care for a child 20 weeks or older born alive during the course of an abortion would be repealed.

All of these changes and more go against the conscience of New Yorkers, which is why RHA’s promoters misrepresent what the bill actually does. RHA is not pro-woman, it’s pro-abortion industry so the industry can operate out of total disregard for human life or the law. The public at large does not favor the changes this bill would cause.

Contact your state legislators to stand against this destructive bill.

NYS Senate switchboard 518-455-2800
NYS Assembly switchboard 518-455-4218

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