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What makes “Unborn Grace” so amazing?

by | Jan 3, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

I joyfully sift through the newsletters of NRLC’s state affiliates and happily scour their webpages for many reasons–news, alerts, updates, and inspiration. I can be inspired by the progress made in the battle to establish safe passage for helpless unborn babies, or by a call to action to rouse a reluctant legislature.

But there is a different kind of inspiration that lifts my spirits above the everyday battle. It takes the form of commentary about and links to particularly powerful pro-life videos.

Among the most lovely of all those inspirations began when I read a lovely post by Anna Kaladish about an absolutely beautiful–and haunting video–“Unborn Grace” –taken from the album “Deeper Still.”

I know nothing about Faye Smith except that she has an absolutely beautiful, soulful voice put to exquisite use in this less than 4 minute long video. But I will surely investigate her music.

We all have seen and heard videos in which a parent, usually but not always the mom, reflects back on what could have been. Because her initial panic spiraled out of control, she is haunted by the child they did not welcome into this world and whose absence she now bitterly regrets. Often the mom visualizes her child as she would be today if she had not been…..

What makes “Unborn Grace” so amazing?

Smith’s voice. I could listen to her sing for hours. Gentle, evocative, she taps into the listener’s heart.

The sentiments. Smith has no interest in chastising the woman as she ponders about what could have been…what should have been.

I went to her website and read this from Smith:

My intent through the lyrics of “Unborn Grace” is not to shame this [post-abortive] woman, but to lament the person who was supposed to be known, who was supposed to be loved. I miss that person. As the lyrics say, “Wish I had known you, how would I be changed; Wish you had known me, I’d teach you the narrow way; Wish you could understand the meaning of your name…”

“Grace” operates at many levels, beyond the baby’s name. As the woman in the video “watches” her little girl on the swing, Smith sings about the might have beens:

You could have been a spaceman girl
Win the Nobel Prize or Olympic gold
The truest friend, the bluest eyes

Later Smith offers words that are almost heart-breaking:

I just want to meet you, I just want to see your face
I just want to see through to all that made up Grace
But there hasn’t been enough Grace for today
Baby girl Grace can never come out to play
No, there hasn’t been enough Grace for today
Unseen, unknown, unborn…

“Unborn Grace” ends with the price of “choice”:

And there hasn’t been enough Grace for today
Baby girl Grace someone chose to throw away
And there hasn’t been enough Grace for today
Unseen (the Father sees who you are)
Unknown (the Father knows who you are)
Unseen (you’ve got the right to your views)
Unknown (and the right to choose)
Unborn (and the right to lose…)
The right to choose…”and the right to lose.”

Take a few minutes and go to You Tube. You will be blessed.

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