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“Why Are You Pro-Life?”

by | Jan 30, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Every once in a while it’s very useful to ask pro-lifers why they are who they are. Recently NRLC used its Facebook account to ask people to answer the seemingly simple question, “Why Are You Pro-Life?”

As you would anticipate, the responses were delightful. Here is just a small sample. Over the next two days we’ll provide more evidence pro-lifers are kind, generous, and thoughtful:

Lauren: Because if my mother had not left the clinic, I wouldn’t be here today. I was human then and human now.

Carole: I am pro life because we are created in the image and likeness of God. He knew us before we were in the womb. The moment of conception we are human beings that are growing. I lost three babies in the three different trimesters.

Ryan: Because I’m a sane intelligent human being. We can’t rationalize away death and dignity of human life. The loss is too much.

Jim: God doesn’t do random. Awesome, all-knowing, all- loving and all connected. In creation, we cannot comprehend the indescribable power of our Lord. Ask Elizabeth. Ask Mary.

Sherrie: It’s just always who I’ve been. It seems completely wrong and horrific to me, to kill another human being (especially innocent and defenseless) at any stage of their development. To me, they are a precious child and a gift from God, from conception.

Debby: I have been pro-life all my life but it had even more meaning to me when we adopted our daughter.

Kim: because my son was born at 28wks when I was 18 years old in 1977. 42 years and 2 granddaughters later, I cringe at the thought I could have aborted him the day he was born.

Lisa: Because they cannot defend themselves, I want to help defend them……every single one of those lil angels who belong to God have a right to be protected & brought into this world.

Kerry: Because I held my first baby when just born and could not believe people could hurt, much less kill someone so soft and sweet as my baby girl!

Susie: I am a Christian. God sees every sparrow that falls. He must weep over babies that are destroyed while He is knitting them together in their mothers’ wombs. Some day we will give an account for those babies.

Audrey: When I was in my last trimester with my 1st he would get hiccups at 3pm. After he was born he got hiccups at the same time for the first few weeks of life. What a testament to how precious life in the womb is! My 2nd, my daughter drove me bonkers in the womb and still does to this day. These little people are just as much person, human, significant inside as they are outside the womb.

Lena: My mother was a product of rape. She always tells me, if my grandmother aborted me and not one of my children would be here. Hits pretty close to home when I think about it.

Hannah: Because God has a purpose for every life.

Karen: I’m #prolife because I’m adopted and I know the fetus is a fully human separate being from the mother based on science. I believe to be pro-life is an essential part of #DisabilityRights

Neal: No brainer……God’s word demands it.

Steve: I am a RN and a Dad. The infants and babies are perfect gifts and sent by The Lord God Almighty.

Jimmy: As opposed to pro death. Those are the choices. HELLO.

Eric: Because I believe in the golden rule and my unborn brothers and sisters need my help.

Caitlyn: Science.

Rodrigo: Because a life is a life no matter how small. It begins when it’s created (conception) not when he/she is born

Alan: It’s logical.

Diane: It simply makes sense

Thomas: I was once a fetus

Kristin: Because I’m not a monster.

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