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Mother of two children with Down syndrome speaks: “Down syndrome is a beautiful journey we had never planned on”

by | Feb 11, 2019

By Sarah Terzo

Ashley Engele is a mom of two whose oldest child has Down syndrome, found out she was pregnant with her third baby, who also had down syndrome. She never considered abortion. Her first child, Rilynn, is now 4 1/2 years old. She writes:

“Rilynn is just like any other precocious 4-year-old girl. She goes to preschool, loves Trolls, Barbie dolls and her “typical” younger sister. They are best friends, they love each other fiercely, and also have the classic sibling rivalry. We fight over what outfit she’s going to wear, or how she’s going to wear her hair for the day. Most of all, she loves other kids and babies. ….

We know how when we’re having a bad day, one smile from Rilynn can completely turn it around.

We know the extra-squishy hugs that turn our hearts into mush.

We know that when her cute little hands reach out and touch your cheek, you instantly feel better.

We know how she is changing the perception of those with Down syndrome, one person at a time.

If you’ve ever met our daughter, you know she doesn’t lack personality. She can make even the grumpiest or angriest people smile and win their hearts over in an instant.

You see, Down syndrome has shown us a whole new world, a whole new deeper level of love, compassion, and patience.”

After her third child was diagnosed in utero:

“Down syndrome is a beautiful journey we had never planned on, but would never dream of leaving because we know what it’s like. We treasure our experiences at face value, we slow down and enjoy the little moments in life, we celebrate every single milestone (big or small), and most of all, we celebrate life, because our lives are better with Down syndrome in it.”

ASHLEY ENGELE, “Woman expecting 2nd baby with Down syndrome opens up about her experience,” ABC News Oct 30, 2017.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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