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New bill (SB179) introduced in Nevada will erase parental involvement

by | Feb 19, 2019

She can’t get a Tylenol at school, but Democrats want to make sure you never KNOW she had an abortion.

Your daughter needs you!

Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Rights Action League, and Nevada’s Progressive Democrats think your daughter should be able to hide an abortion from you, her parents. You, who love her and know her medical history, should be boxed out when she is in what is likely the biggest crisis of her life.

Profiting on your daughter’s heartbreak

Abortion clinics don’t care about your daughter’s health, her future, her mental state, her allergies, her faith, her goals. And obviously, the progressive wing of the legislative Democrats don’t care either.

What’s more, SB179 would remove any informed consent currently in law. That means your 11-18 year old daughter who doesn’t even know her own medical history and doesn’t even know the questions to ask, will have NO advocate with her and no statutorily required informed consent warning her about the physical and emotional risk involved in an abortion.

Take Action Now!

Send an email to Nevada Senators who have sponsored this bill. Let them know your opinion.

Tell them, respectfully, Kill SB179.

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