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New Song Wonders Why We Don’t Celebrate Abortions With Showers

by | Feb 21, 2019

By Alexa Moutevelis Coombs

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Newsbusters.

It seems like abortion activists are getting more brazen in pushing their agenda to normalize and celebrate abortion every day.

American singer Amanda Palmer (I hadn’t heard of her either) released the single “Voicemail for Jill” on Tuesday, announcing matter-of-factly on Twitter, “this is my new song… it’s about abortion,” along with a link to the audio.

The song is about a voicemail Palmer leaves for her friend, Jill, who is getting an abortion in Boston the next day while Palmer is away in London. She does call it “the hardest decision,” acknowledges there is grief and compares it to being in hell twice: “I know you’re in hell” and “we can never tell who is in an identical hell,” but, overall, the song seems most sad that we don’t celebrate abortions more like births.

Palmer croons:

Life’s such a bi_ _h isn’t it?

When you have a baby, they throw you a party

And then when you die they get together for a cry

But no one’s gonna celebrate you

No one’s gonna bring you cake

And no one’s gonna shower you with flowers

The doctor won’t congratulate you

No one on that pavement’s gonna

Shout at you that your heart also matters

She wants a party for having an abortion just like how pregnant women get a baby shower. But, in the age of “Shout Your Abortion,” where abortion is normalized, tv shows have characters celebrating abortion with ice cream and giving “Happy Abortion” flowers, and comedians salute abortion with marching bands and balloons, these lyrics are even more off key than Palmer’s singing.

Also, let’s dispel with the ridiculous notion that peaceful pro-lifers holding vigil outside abortion facilities don’t care about both mother and child, offer resources for both during and after pregnancy, and offer post-abortion counseling.

Palmer reassures Jill that she owes no explanation for her abortion – there is no wrong reason to have an abortion because abortion is never wrong – and references the comfort in numbers of women who have had abortions, odds are, including some walking by.

You don’t need to offer the right explanation

You don’t need to beg for redemption or ask for forgiveness

And you don’t need a courtroom inside of your head

Where you’re acting as judge and accused and defendant and witness

It’s a strange grief but it’s grief

Look at all the women in the street

You know the statistics, Jill

Even though they may not help Isn’t it amazing

How we can never tell

Who is in an identical hell

The song ends with Palmer telling her friend she’ll be home next week and offering to throw her “the best abortion shower.”

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