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Pro-abortion R.I. Gov. lobbies for abortion on demand bill

by | Feb 5, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

Rhode Island Governor
Gina Raimondo
Photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel

A little over a week ago we reposted an Action Alert from Rhode Island Right to Life on impending legislative hearings on two “New York style abortion bills”– H 5125 and H 5127. According to legal experts consulted by NRLC’s state affiliate

Both H 5127 and H 5125 would:

  • Eliminate any constitutional restrictions on late-term abortions
  • Eliminate any constitutional restrictions on methods of abortion
  • Undermine the authority of the State and the Department of Health from enacting and adopting constitutional restrictions on the performance of abortions at facilities where abortions are performed
  • Require the State to pay for all abortions sought by Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and women covered by the “payer of last Resort” program

In addition, H 5127 would:

  • Repeal existing constitutional protection for a viable unborn child from criminal assaults on the child’s mother

and H 5125 would

  • Substantially “water down” the State’s parental consent statute by allowing consent to be obtained from persons who have no constitutional right to give consent (grandparents and adult siblings)

Neither H 5127 nor H 5125 could plausibly be regarded as merely “codifying” the principles of Roe v. Wade” (the cover story used by proponents).

Since then, a lot has happened, including the continuing uproar in Virginia over a proposed bill (that went nowhere, for now at least) very similar to Rhode Island’s, which would have enshrined the “right” to abortion throughout pregnancy, as the sponsor admitted.

This helps explains why Gina Raimondo, the monomaniacal pro-abortion governor of Rhode Island, continues to aggressively lobby. In a letter to Robert Craven, chairman of the state House Committee on the Judiciary, Gov. Raimondo continues the farce by saying she writes “in strong support of House Bill 5127, which would enshrine the important provisions of Roe v. Wade in state law.” This was the ruse pro-abortionists in New York employed to pass its radical “Reproductive Health Act.”

It also helps explain the immediate impetus for Providence Journal reporter Katherine Gregg’s story—“Cosponsor pulls support for R.I. abortion-rights bill, says he neglected to read it.”

Freshman Rep. Jose Serodio of East Providence said his decision to withdraw as a cosponsor

evolved out of a conversation he had, over coffee, with his onetime Democratic primary opponent, David V. O’Connell.

He said O’Connell asked him why he head cosponsored Ajello’s bill. “I thought you were pro-life,” he reportedly said.

“When I realized my mistake,″ Serodio said, “I went back and withdrew my signature.” He said he also learned a lesson:


The misdirection that follows is classic. Serodio changed his mind after reading the bill. But according to reporter Gregg’s account, if you read the bill you would see it was nothing like what Rhode Island Right to Life was making it out to be.

Her source?

Rep. Edith Ajello, the pro-abortion lead sponsor!

Rhode Island Right to Life has asked Rhode Islanders to

PLEASE URGE FAMILY, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES TO JOIN YOU in emailing : (1) email your State Representative, (2) call your State Representative. (Go here for information.)

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