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Pro-life Virginians Make Their Voices Heard in Richmond at “Commonwealth Rally for Life”

by | Feb 7, 2019

By Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Approximately 1,000 people made the long trip to Richmond, the state capital, to share their outrage today that Democratic leaders in the Commonwealth have shown their true intentions– to pass radical and extremist pro-abortion bills that would wipe out any and all protective pro-life laws from Virginia.

The “Commonwealth Rally for Life” was a resounding success.

The rally was triggered by the exposure of those goals, beginning when recorded testimony about Del. Kathy Tran’s bill in the House went viral. Tran acknowledged that her “Repeal Bill” would legalize abortion “all the way up to 40 weeks.” On a subsequent radio program, Gov. Ralph Northam calmly discussed killing a baby who had survived an abortion performed (as Del, Tran acknowledged) as late as when the mother is “dilating.”

Organizers used social media to connect to Virginians of every region and background, faith, and politics. The common thread was the rejection of the radical agenda of pro-abortion Democrats and the support of pro-life Republicans who stepped up to defeat all of the pro-abortion bills this session.

Speakers included leaders of various groups, such as the Virginia Society for Human Life, religious leaders, and members of both the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. VSHL President, Olivia Gans Turner, reminded the crowd that we are the people of Virginia and we are the voice of the voiceless unborn who must be protected under the law.

“The whole nation, and even the President, are talking about Virginia and New York,” she said. “The eyes of America are on us now. We must stand up and speak for those who are always forgotten in these debates–unborn children.

“The outcry we are hearing now points clearly to the disgust that most Virginians and Americans have toward these attempts to strip America of every hard-won pro-life protective law, and push forward a radical pro-abortion culture,” she added.

Gans Turner called on the members of the General Assembly to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and other bills to prevent abortions late in pregnancy.

Gans Turner was among several speakers who shared their own abortion experiences. They all spoke to the fact that abortion never solves the problems of a complex pregnancy situation. Others shared stories of life-affirming alternatives such as adoption and the pregnancy help that pro-lifers provided at a time of great need.

State Sen. William Stanley shared the poignant story of his own daughter Grace’s brief life. After a poor prenatal diagnosis, the Stanleys were told to abort their daughter.

They refused. Grace was born and was a fighter.

She lived for three days but was a blessing to her parents.

In light of the abortion-on-demand proposals coming from state Democrats, the future of the General Assembly and Executive Offices was a key focus. Virginia has critical elections this coming November. Pro-life Republicans control the Senate and the House of Delegates by a single vote.

Pro-lifers must take back solid control this November.

“Pro-abortion Virginia Democrats believe they are within striking distance of their goal,” Gans Turner urged the Rally goers to remember. “ They think that the people of Virginia will be persuaded to support their agenda to become another New York with no pro-life laws on the books! We must prove them wrong in November!”

In spite of many new very public distractions, the rally attendees left committed to making sure that no one in Virginia will be allowed to forget what was attempted this session.

The real issue in the Commonwealth is abortion on demand.

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